Grace Hand Tied Method Educators

Our educators have mastered the Grace Hand Tied Method and are here to support you on your extension artist journey. Educators are available for mentorship programs and consulting opportunities.


I have been in the hair industry for 16 years and have been an independent stylist for the last 4 years at Opulent Beauty Studios. I specialize in dimensional color and haircutting. I have found that hand tied extensions are also a true passion of mine!  With the changes I have implemented in my business along with my mindset shift, I have grown so much and am attracting the guests I want to see. I am beyond happy that I invested in learning this method and I love being a part of your journey in growth as well. I am always here to help with anything you may need!

Learn with Amanda


I have bean a stylist for 20 years. While dimensional hair color is my first love, I started to specialize in Hand Tied extensions about 3 years ago and it completely changed the trajectory of my career! I own Lifted Salon in Northern California, and my favorite thing to do now is to coach stylists to live their best life and gain independence. I love all the intricacies of doing extensions and what it does for our clients and our careers! I stumbled through my growth just like anyone, and I'm totally here for you to make it a bit easier! 

Learn with Jacki


I have been in the beauty industry for 5 years and have witnessed talented stylists flourish while watching other incredibly talented stylists fall short. I specialize in helping newer stylists find their target market, develop their brand voice and create a realistic and actionable short-range business plan. The reality is, there is so much that goes into being a successful stylist outside of what goes on behind the chair. 

Learn with Megan


I have been specializing in hair extensions and have been a part of the Opulent Beauty family for the past 3 years. I love that I have picked the extension path in my career because I am able to provide my guests with life changing results and transformations. I am so happy that I have been a part of the Grace Hand Tied Method.

Learn with Melanie