They transformed their careers behind the chair

And so can you. Hear how students are able to work less, make more and cultivate a career behind the chair that they love.

Are you ready to transform your career?

Robbin Nizamis

"The Grace Hand Tied Extension Method blew me away with all of the detailed information on not just the method but how to build the business as well! The amount of video content is amazing! I highly recommend this class to everyone wanting to learn a method that is unique and great for keeping your clients hair healthy."

Haley Mora

"I love that I can give my guests all the confidence they deserve. Even if it’s just for thickness it can change someone’s life, and that’s an understatement.
I love how the education with GHT is never ending. I truly feel like I am apart of the community, and enjoy continuing to learn new things everyday through our group."

Alexis Mcneese

"After looking into many different hair extension methods, I decided to go with Grace Hand Tied on a trusted recommendation and full transparency. Many methods seemed to lack access to things I still had questions about before making a financial equipment or wanting to talk to some random stranger and start getting spammed. Patricia had so much information available and answered so many questions before making my decision that I decided to take a chance with her, virtually during the most difficult year of my 16 year career. Patricia must be one of the most organized people ever, because she has everything planned out and laid out in such a way to make the entire experience as easy to understand as humanly possible. Her content is thorough, she or someone from her team is always so helpful and ready to answer any questions I have, and I would 100% recommend anyone who wants to get into the extensions business PROPERLY to take her course. I’m assuming in person is even better if you have the opportunity, but you will have everything you need for you virtually as well if you choose to go that direction. Don’t just learn to do extensions, learn to specialize in a luxury service!"

Brooke Bauer

"This class has completely changed my business as a salon owner and a stylist behind the chair. It's the most amazing technique that I've learned with doing extensions for the last 4 years. I can now do 5 clients and make the same amount compared to doing 15. I recommend this class to all stylists!"

Carmen Beaudry

"So I am literally a class junkie and it's always my hope to just learn one new little thing from each class I take. And let me tell you this class has dellllllivered!"

Sheli Dodaro

"I love GHT method! It’s definitely the least damaging and versatile method I’ve found on the market. The education behind GHT is solid and supportive long after you get certified! I highly recommend this class."